Session Agreement.  Please fill out the form below, read the terms, and enter your email at that bottom which serves as an electronic signature.  If you have any questions, or are not sure about items such as number of extra members, leave blank and we will discuss at a later time.

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Please note that the Standard Package and the Double are priced with a set number of subjects. The Standard is for up to 5 and the Double is up to 12. Each additional member is an extra $20 per member. Custom package prices are agreed upon before hand, a copy of price will be included with a return receipt. Please contact us for more details.
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Your session fee includes:

• Session time as indicated above
• Number of images as indicated above, delivered in high resolution on CD, including a copyright release form.
• Basic editing, which may include: blemish removal, scar removal, skin smoothening, etc.
• Artistic editing at photographer’s discretion.
• Advanced editing such as removal of objects from background, as needed.

Terms and Conditions

• It is understood Yell’s Photography is the exclusive photographer retained to perform photographic services as requested on contract. No other photographers may photograph images that have been creatively set by Yell's Photography.

• Upon electronic signature, Yell’s Photography shall reserve the time and date agreed upon.

• If, in the opinion of the photographer, inclement weather or other adverse conditions prevent the creation of a portrait meeting to the artistic standards of Yell’s Photography, the photographer may elect to use an alternate location or to reschedule the session.

• All balances are to be paid prior to session initiation. Payment may be made in the form of cash or checks. (Checks payable to Daniella Sedlak.)

• Yell’s Photography reserves the right to use images created under this contract for advertising, display, publication or other purposes. The client signing the contract warrants that he or she has actual authority to agree to the use of the likeness of all persons included in the portrait in this manner and shall indemnify and defend Yell’s Photography in the event of litigation arising out of such use. Negatives, digital files, and previews remain the property of Yell’s Photography, unless otherwise noted.

• All photographs taken by Yell's Photography are copyright protected and remain sole possession of Yell's photography unless otherwise noted (i.e. copyright release form). • Images from the session will be mailed or delivered to the client within 14 days of the photography session. Images will be delivered in high resolution JPG format on CD. Yell’s Photography will not be held responsible for delivery delays that are not within their control (i.e. delays through USPS, incorrect address).

• A copyright release form will be included with the delivery of images. This release form allows the client to print/reproduce the images for personal use.

• Wedding Package payment details: a $200 deposit is required upon booking, to reserve the date and time, this deposit becomes non-refundable within 14 days of scheduled date. 14 days prior to the event, a $300 payment is required (This fee is refundable at any time). Remaining balance ($300) is due the day of the event.

• In the event of a returned check, a $25.00 fee plus any subsequent bank fees pertaining to the returned check will be applied to the customer’s account and will be the sole responsibility of the customer. Fees and original balance must be paid before the release of any photos.