Some of My Editing Process

Being able to take great photographs is the most important part of my job, I mean, I am a photographer.  Being able to edit them and tweak them while processing them is what can make a good shot and amazing shot.  After your photo session, I take the photos home, pick out the best shots, and edit them in Photoshop.

The editing process can be a lengthy process but well worth it in the long run.  Some photos don't need any type of editing, some are edited to bring out colors for a more dramatic feel, and others are edited to remove objects that make the picture less than appealing (i.e. people in the background).

I recently did a photo shoot down at Fort Myers Beach at sunset.  The shots were coming out amazing.  Only problem, there were a million people on the beach!!  I was amazed at how crowded it was for a Sunday night.  So no matter where we were, there were people in the background of almost every shot and even some "funny" people who intentionally jumped into the shot.  So needless to say, editing was not the easiest for this shoot.

I had alot of work in front of me.  I needed to remove as many people from the background as possible, without messing with the integrity of the photo itself.  Here is one example:


As you can see, on the left, there are numerous people in the background of the shot.  After some time editing, most of these people were removed from the shot.  I also tweaked the color of the sunset ever so slightly.  The overall product came out great in my opinion.  This is why, being able to edit a photo is almost as important as being able to take a great photo in the first place....although, if you can't take a great shot, you have little to work with in the editing room.

Photo editing is included with all photo session packages.  I do my best to make each shot amazing.  Some artistic liberties are taken with the editing process but nothing that is going to ruin the integrity of the photographs.