Where and When to do Your Photo Shoot

Picking the right location can sometimes be difficult.  Do you pick a place that you like to spend time with your family?  Do you pick a place that you believe is beautiful?  And to be completely honest, either will do. Below are what I believe to be the 3 most important things to consider when picking your time and location.

1.  What does the location have to offer?  Places like a beach can offer wonderful shots and yield great images.  Sometimes, a beach is simply a beach though.  What I mean is, there is sand and water, so every shot is going to have a similar background and an hour shoot is going to produce a lot of similar looking pictures.  So how do you fix that?  Choose a beach near a park, or one that has a lot of trees, dunes, or other features that will offer some different and unique shots.

2.  Is it a popular place?  Photo shoots when there are a lot of people around can be difficult.  Some guy always thinks he is funny and jumps in the background of a shot.  I do my best to take shots with few people in the background and try to edit them out when possible.  So when thinking of your location, keep in mind that a popular beach on Labor Day weekend may not be the best location.  A place that offers areas that are off the beaten path will always allow for more great shots.

3.  Time of Day.  Time of day is a big factor for photo shoots.  Obviously, if you want sunset shots you are a little limited on your time selection.  Just remember, in the middle of summer at 1:00 PM, it is HOT!  You may start sweating, children may start crying, and a photo shoot can go downhill real fast.  Also, if the session if for young children, take into consideration their nap times or feeding schedule to avoid cranky kids.  A hungry, tired child can be nightmare, at least mine can be.

Remember, this is your photo shoot so I will work with you at the location of your choosing. These are just a few tips for you to take into consideration when choosing the time and location of your shoot.

If you are having difficulty choosing a location feel free to contact me and we can work through the pros and cons of a few different locations and find one that works best for you.